Monday, May 6, 2013

Lologon Cold and Hot Spring Resort in Buhi, Camarines Sur

Who would have thought a small and humble town of Buhi, Camarines Sur has a lot of leisure spots to offer. One newly-found and established resort found on the very hidden mountain of barangay Monte Calvario is called the Lologon Cold and Hot Spring Resort.  

"Lologon" is a local dialect in Buhi which literally means "to be entered" in English and "papasukin" in Tagalog. And you'll be amazed to learn upon your visit, that the said name is literally true for a resort like the Lologon resort.
Along the way to the resort, you can see kids swimming in the fresh clear waters in the "sapa" (small creek) and unbelievable, swimming is for free!

It is meantime, hard to reach because of the bumpy ride in a trike (if you don't have a high terrain vehicle) and is still to be walked to get through the resort itself. But it is worth all the effort because of the green surrounding, clear waters soothing to the skin and the unpopulated, natural, serene and fresh ambience that cannot totally be compared to the manmade and luxurious water spas in the city.

Entrance to the resort is only P30 for adults and P15 for kids just for the maintenance of the resort. Here are the few photos of our family outing in the clear waters of Lologon Resort

Photo below just proved how clear and clean the water is...Spring water it is!