Monday, September 12, 2016

Support for Our Mother's Cancer Treatment

Hi! You might have wondered why I wasn't able to update this blog for a very long time. I got a bit much pre-occupied with a lot of things now. From getting married, having a baby and now the turn of events that lead our family to a very low stage in our lives. My mother was diagnosed with Cancer. Yes, cancer with bone metastases..and it's not just an unserious situation because her cancer metastasize thru her spine. These are how the turn of events went..

It all started in May 2016 when our mother Rosario N. Armario was diagnosed with Follicular Thyroid Cancer with metastases in her lungs and spine. Prior to this diagnosis, she had been seeking medical advises due to complaints of chronic back pain and neck compressions. Only in April when she started to be hospitalized time and again due to unmanageable discomforts and severe inexplicable body pains.

She had undergone a spine surgery in June 6, 2016 for biopsy that's when the Undifferentiated Thyroid Cancer was first diagnosed. Thereafter, she undergone Fine Needle Aspiration and Total Thyroidectomy in June 25, 2016.

Two weeks after surgery, she undergone Radioactive Iodine Therapy in hopes to eliminate the cancer that spread thru her lungs and neck. She further undergone 10 sessions of External Beam Radiation (Tomo therapy) for the cancer that spread thru her spine that lasted only in August 21, 2016.

However, the series of treatment she underwent have caused her weakness and other side effects that made her hospitalized again due to seizure and low potassium and sodium levels and fluctuating platelet counts. Her recent hospitalization had caused her implied pneumonia complications and left leg trombosis.

These and her succeeding treatment had caused our family financially distressed so much so that we are needing the kind generosity of people like you to help us in our needs. Thank you and God bless good souls like you.

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